Blenders are among the most crucial tools found in the kitchen. With a high-quality blender it is possible to whip up delicious milkshakes, delicious smoothies, healthy concoctions and tasty sauces with the click of an button. Although there are plenty of expensive blenders available that are available however, there are also a few less expensive ones that are great for use on a regular basis. For this post, we’re going to take an in-depth look at the top blenders for under 50 dollars that are sure be able to meet the needs of your kitchen.

Best Blender Under $50 Reviews in 2022

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Size and Capacity

If you’re a foodie feeding your family, or entertain frequently A large-sized countertop blender is the best. It comes with the standard sizes of jars that range from 48-64 ounces. Smaller models that are 40 ounces are also popular. If you’re in a group of just one person, a personal blender is an incredibly useful option as it can be used to blend food and make use of the same container for a cup to take with you on the go. In addition you can use it to prepare smoothies or small quantities of pesto, without the hassle of a larger carafe which you’ll never fill up to a half. There’s only one downside: it’s only possible to mix in small batches when you want to experiment with an easy soup recipe and their low wattage will cause them to wear out quicker if used for long periods of time. However, if you’re on the budget, their performance is unbeatable.

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the best Blenders for under $50

If you’re searching for blenders for less than $50, you might have change your expectations about the capabilities of this machine. A lot of blenders at this price are one-serving or personal models, and won’t be capable of competing with the top-of-the-line blenders in jars that you’ve heard everyone talking about. Similar to how you wouldn’t compare an electric bike to a Rolls Royce to an electric bicycle, you shouldn’t compare kitchen appliances that vary in cost in thousands of dollars.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re only able to create your smoothies with an electric whisk and a lot of elbow grease. If your main goal is to make smoothies, it’s possible to find models that do most of the work for you. What should you expect from the blender that costs less than $50?


Blenders priced in the $50 price bracket aren’t going to come with motors that are more than 1,000 watts. However, you can find 700 watts that are capable of handling a good amount of mixing work. It’s not the best choice for turning the ice into snow and may require assistance by you and an old spoon to start it up once more if you’ve stuffed it with frozen fruits straight from the freezer. However, you can exchange some time as well as flexibility and perseverance to avoid the huge price tag associated with larger watts, more powerful motors. Find an appliance that will ensure that you’ll get your daily supply of fruits in cups.

As with all tools or appliance, consider what you’re planning to do with it prior to shopping. If you’re looking to make smoothies with a lot of kale for example it’s going to be necessary to shell out a bit more. Kale as well as other leafy greens are difficult for blenders to handle and, at the lower end of the cost scale, you’ll have a difficult time finding a blender capable of handling them. If you’re looking for an early morning smoothie made up of frozen and fresh fruits along with some liquid along with a few pieces of ice, our top personal blenders are in a position to make it without a issue.


There are many blenders that are simple to clean There’s no reason for you to settle for one that’s not, regardless of the cost. The blender should be put into the dishwasher or at a minimum get cleaned up with a quick splash of washcloth and water. Any blender is clean when you mix the mixture of dish soap and water and finish it off with a wash in the sink. The lids, lids, and other accessories are also best left into the dishwasher.


Are you planning to make margaritas or daiquiris? If yes, you’ll require an appliance that crushes ice and turn it into snow. If you’re not trying to fill single cups with them for ice, you’ll require a jar-type blender and not one you can use for personal use. Personal blenders aren’t likely to produce any more than a tiny amount of ice that is snowy even if they make any at all. Blenders require plenty of power underneath the hood to make the ice. If you’re hosting an event with margaritas with your top 10 friends, you’ll have upgrade to the next price range to get a blender that will manage the ice that you need for that.

Durability and longevity

Hidden gems on the market that have a good longevity without a huge cost – you simply need to look them up. These won’t be the models to your grandchildren but at the very least, one or two of the models we’ve reviewed will keep your drink fresh, daily, over months, if not years, which makes these models more affordable than you imagined.

The button to pulse

One thing these blenders with smaller capacities share is a motor that’s more efficient and lasts longer when you press the pulse button instead of pressing it for hours at a time. The motor and pulse button work better when used intermittently. If you are running them at length, you could easily cause the motor to fail. In reality, a lot of user complaints about motors that have burned out are often traced back to human mistake.

Parts and Warranties

For larger models, which are more expensive it is important to look over the warranty, including what it include, how claims are dealt with and is the service reputable. However, on smaller, less expensive appliances You can generally skip warranties. In most cases, in order to claim the warranty, you’ll need send the item back for repair at own cost. With the price smaller blenders are and the amount they weigh, it’s going to be less expensive to purchase the new one (with our apologies to the local garbage dump). Parts that are replaced are typical in more durable machines, but are not likely at this point in time because of similar reasons. By the time you’ve purchased and ship a replacement component you’ll have already met or exceeded the price of a brand new unit.


Every blender is noisy, however one advantage of a smaller blender as well as the smaller motor is the smaller noise “footprint.” It’s not perfect, but you can’t make smoothies in the same space as your spouse, roommate or child however, you won’t have to wish you had earplugs. You may even be able to use one in a workplace cubicle.


A few of the less than $50 blenders available do one thing: blend. Some – like our top Pick one, which includes the food processor, wear different hats, too. Some models come with a range of components, such as extra travel cups, different types of lids and additional blades. Other blenders are available with a range of colours. Make sure that you don’t be enticed by the frills. Do not let the array of lids or the addition of straws with different colors distract you from looking at the blender as a tool. A lot of appliances that attempt to accomplish multiple jobs end in doing nothing effectively. First, evaluate the blender and then be excited about the other things it is able to do or provide.

Plastic or glass

Personal blenders are likely be made of plastic, however at least you’re likely to see BPA-free , non-toxic plastic. If you must use glass, you are able to use it, too. generally speaking, there’s not any significant cost difference between plastic and glass blenders.

Cold or hot liquids

Personal blenders are pretty made for smoothies with fruit and, naturally, they are cold. If you’ve got any thoughts regarding making hot food inside your mixer, beware that it might not go as planned. A lot of people think they can create bulletproof coffee using their tiny blenders and they are disappointed when it doesn’t work. If you’re looking to make hot liquids into a blend then you’ll require glass jars which is not plastic and therefore not a small enough for personal use.