Although many assume that gaming equipment is expensive, you can purchase an impressive gaming headphones for less than $50. A majority of headphones in this price can be used to localize the sounds of games well and come with microphones of high-quality recording, which means you can be heard clearly by your colleagues. While they don’t have some features such as wireless connectivity, or even customization options similar to those you’ll find in more expensive models however, there are plenty of decent alternatives that you can pair for your consoles and PC which won’t cost a lot within your pocket.

The Best Bluetooth Headphones under $50

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There are more choices for headphone than ever before and you don’t need to shell out a lot of money to purchase a quality set. We test many headphones each time at Consumer Reports, evaluating them on a variety of criteria such as quality, fit and sound quality and we’ve reviewed our reviews to present you with the top headphones less than $50.

You’ll have to compromise on audio quality to find headphones for less than $50. Headphones that have excellent audio quality are often priced many times more. The headphones on this list are sure to outperform the old headphones you found when you were heading for the plane.

It’s crucial to understand that prices on the internet have been fluctuating recently and certain items may be difficult to locate. “We have seen the effects of the supply chain problems of last year continue throughout the New Year, and not just for headphones, but across all consumer electronics,” says Connor Barry who is the headphone analyst at Gap Intelligence, a market research firm that is a partner in conjunction with Consumer Reports. The launch of new products has been delayed, which means it could be difficult to find an affordable deal.

With a bit of time and effort it is possible to locate every model below at least $50. This list contains a wide range of styles, ranging from to over-ear models to real wireless models that don’t come with a cable that connects to the two earpieces.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why choose wireless Bluetooth over. Wireless Headphones?

Wireless headphones don’t always work superior to wired headphones. It all depends on your requirements.

Here are the benefits from Bluetooth headphones that are wireless. Bluetooth headphones:

  • Wireless connectivity provides greater freedom (wires can be a hindrance)
  • Works with All Bluetooth gadgets ( the new iPhones and phones don’t work with 3.5mm)
  • A majority have a microphone and remote control to provide a better user experience

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But these audio equipments have a few drawbacks:

  • Typically, they are priced higher (wired headphones are more affordable)
  • It is necessary to charge the battery, which can be an issue
  • Battery capacity diminishes with age (no limitation with wired headphones)
  • The quality of sound can be lower (due to limitations in data transmission when using Bluetooth)

It’s your choice the type of headphones you choose. It is possible to check the top headphones for under 50 dollars (wired in).

Can Bluetooth Headphones also be used as wired Headphones?

The majority of headphones can be wired headphones as well. This is a feature that is standard in high-end and lower-end models. In case this is essential to you, look for 3.5mm input prior to purchasing.

The small in-ear headphones ( Bluetooth earbuds) are wireless. Incorporating a 3.5mm circuitry will make them too large and heavy.