In the present world of live streaming, podcasting and the endless stream of content, it’s essential for your podcast to sound excellent to be able to compete with the other players. If your content appears cheap or not professionally produced it will struggle to get people to pay attention at all.

Nowadays, most manufacturers have either a better base for research, development , and production or may be able to transfer their top of the line technology to more affordable models.

The ability to find great sounding microphones on a budget is no longer a fable because more and more of these microphones have been a hit both within and outside of the audio engineering industry.

In this article, we’ll provide you with the top quality microphones you can buy for less than $50. the hidden gems we discovered by conducting research and analysis of more than 72,100 reviews as well as rating sites.

To meet the needs of different people We have divided this list of requirements into two categories that include XLR and USB for each, with XLR being a favorite for live audio and USB is great for recording at home.

The Best Cheap Streaming Mic under 50

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What is a microphone?

A microphone is a device that sound waves, in general, reflect and hear through. A microphone is serviceable with a trade-mark red color because of the sound waves that it reflects.

The sound waves are heard by a microphone if they are turned on or turned off at the same time.

The red color is because the microphone is designed to work with Voice over LTE (WL-8761).

What is a USB microphone?

A USB microphone is a microphone that is attached to a USB port. They are used to hear live sound and as a result, they require no power when not in use. This makes them great for use with live streaming and podcasting.

The benefits of using low-cost microphones include:

– You can hear life from a USB microphone

– You can record live or at home

– You need no power when not in use

– The quality of the microphone is high

Things to Take into Account when buying a budget microphone

When you’re looking for a budget-friendly microphone, it’s important to take into account the needs of your specific situation. For example, do you want a microphone that is stable and produce a clear sound? If not, foraged microphones with no QA are better.

Transducer Type

In the price range of $50 to $50 segment, the most well-liked microphones have either Condenser or Dynamic transducers. The most popular use of Dynamic mics is in live performances, due to their superior SPL (Sound Pressure Level) handling and dependability. They also tend to tint the sound in a way that many singers prefer.

However Condenser mics are mainly employed in recording because of their greater the sensitivity of sound. One disadvantage of this increased sensitiveness is that it can be susceptible to clipping (sound breaking apart when it gets too loud) as well as background noise.

Polar Pattern

Most of the microphones listed in this list have super-cardioid or cardioid-like patterning and this is not unexpected, considering these mics are intended for front-singing. Certain mics have the option of switching polar patterns, with the possibility of switching into an Omni-directional one which provides a larger reception area that is perfect for recording multiple singers instruments, as well as other sounds sources.


Our recommended list has been divided in two categories: XLR and USB microphones to let you identify which ones are the top within their respective categories. The standard connection for XLR is that is used by professional audio equipment as well as USB microphones enable direct recording directly to your computer, without the requirement to use any audio interface or recording console.

Position and Placement

In setting up the microphone It is recommended to experiment with different positions until you can discover the one that will give you the most effective outcomes. This is a huge subject on its own, so we’ll only touch on some tips which are vital for people who are just beginning. If you are using handheld microphones, the most commonly used location to record vocals is three” away from your mouth however it will differ based on the type of singer. Condenser microphones are more sensitive, so they don’t require singers performing in a close. Acoustics in the room also have a significant role to play in ensuring clear and professional-sounding recordings.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly microphone then you should consider the needs of your specific situation. For example, do you want a microphone that is stable and produce a clear sound? If not, foraged microphones with no QA are better.

You may also want a microphone that is easy to set up and use. There are many nylon mic bottles that come with great instructions how to open and fill them.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly microphone then you should consider the needs of your specific situation.

Cheap Mic Selection Methodology

When it comes to microphone selection, make sure to ask around if you’re looking through stores or online and he reason you’re not sure is because everyone’s opinion on certain models is different.

Some people prefer the sound quality of USB microphones while others prefer the sound quality of XLR microphones. Some people want to use them in live settings while others want to record from them in home settings. Some people want to use them with other audio software and other clients while others have found that using USB microphones works just as well.

The bottom line: get the microphone you’ll be using for the majority of your business. If you plan on conducting live streaming, podcasting, or other digital content, getting a microphone that can be used for all settings will be beneficial.